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Mold inspection .

 Our certified mold inspection and removal specialists cater to residential and commercial mold inspection. In order to properly diagnose the mold at your location, we highly recommend that you perform a complete mold inspection. The following is a brief description regarding our mold inspection procedure.

Mold testing is done to confirm the presence of mold in the property. All requested areas are tested through visual and manual procedures. Even though mold spores can sometimes be hidden in unknown areas, the testing would in fact confirm location as well as an elevated fungal mold spore count. If these mold spores are found to be present in the property, abatement procedures are then recommended.

Mold Inspection Procedure:

A certified technician will come to your home or property. The technician will perform a visual inspection of the area where the mold infestation was thought to be as well as the surrounding areas. The technician will use a special infrared camera, which allows the technician to see behind the walls and surfaces. The technician will use this device to detect areas which contain moisture (if possible) underneath the surface. The technician will check the humidity level in the property with a humidity monitoring device. Our technician will perform an indoor and outdoor air test and will compare the spore counts in each respectively. The outdoor air test is the normal spore count with which we use to compare our results. In the event that there is visual mold present, the technician will take a swab of the mold which we will send to the lab. The lab technicians will assess the swab and determine the viability and the extent of danger and toxicity. The technician will photograph possible areas of mold in the property which can be used as legal evidence. In the event that moisture is located behind the wall or surface, the technician will use an infrared camera to document those locations.

Mold Removal

Certified Mold inspection and removal specialists are experienced and trained in removing mold from your home or property. We assure you that upon completion of the remediation procedure, you will be free of worry and stress and you will comfortably breathe in the healthy air in your home or property.After inspection results confirm necessity of mold remediation, Tri State Mold Specialists will begin the remediation process by first determining the initial cause of the problem. Technicians will begin by controlling the moisture and humidity levels in the remediation area. Proper protection will be employed to safeguard the health and safety concerns of the occupants. Areas which have been exposed to and affected by the mold growth and the water intrusion will be disinfected and deodorized for the safety and health of the occupants.

Technicians understand that interruption of the home or workplace can be inconvenient and difficult. Tri State Mold Specialists design, ahead of time, a practical work deadline with completion of all aspects of the mold remediation in an acceptable and quick manner. Upon completion of remediation, Tri State Mold Specialists will continue to keep our committed customer relations which we hold in extremely high regard. We will not leave you confused and alone. We are here for you to assist you in future project management and consultation.